Fostering environment where employees work sick costs more than it saves

Faced with the choice of working while sick or sitting out and not getting paid, most will work while sick. Pros and Cons of Sick Pay Schemes: Testing for Contagious Presenteeism and Shirking Behavior takes a look at the ramifications. Most organizations’ human resource policy is focused on short term goal. It is clearly that way with sick pay. While it might take some logistics wrangling, there generally are duties that can be accomplished at home. It is time to get smart and realize that working sick hurts business as well as the bottom line.

The spread of disease in a facility happens quickly, as noted in Office Germs: Viruses Spread Everywhere in Just Hours, Study Shows. Bacteria and viruses move through the water system, on the air, and are moved around a facility on shoes, hands and clothes. Dr Gerba’s study showing how quickly the bacteriophage MS-2 virus moved throughout and office was enlightening.

How long do nosocomial pathogens persist on inanimate surfaces? A systematic review shows that bugs can remain viable on surfaces for hours, even weeks.

Bugs (viruses, bacteria and fungi) all move through the air.  The CDC always talks about droplet precaution.  It contends that droplets fall out of the air to a surface within six feet of the patient. MIT showed droplets moving 6-8 meters through the air in Studying the Science of 100 Sneezes. High-speed video shows how far sneezes spread in The snot-spattered experiments that show how far sneezes really spread. Droplet nuclei can remain suspended in air for extended periods, according to ASHRAE.

Focusing on cleaning for health, hand hygiene and sub-micron air filtration is a must for a healthy environment.

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