Studies explore the impact of environment on productivity

The environment can have a profound impact on productivity, and below are links to a series of studies that explore this with a variety of approaches.

The office experiment: Can science build the perfect workspace? – Windows, desks and employees are being wired up in a quest to create healthy, evidence-based environments. is a study that seeks to determine  how the indoor environment influences health, well-being and performance, from stress to sleep quality, physical fitness to productivity.  Related podcast.

Airborne Respiratory Diseases and Mechanical Systems for CONTROL OF MICROBES notes that airborne respiratory pathogens and diseases in health care facilities are numerous and dangerous. HVAC systems are critical in controlling them.

BUILDING INVESTMENT DECISION SUPPORT (BIDS™): Cost-Benefit Tool to Promote High Performance Components, Flexible Infrastructures and Systems Integration for Sustainable Commercial Buildings and Productive Organizations is a study that shows the cost of dirty air in the work place is much more than the cost of energy per person.

Also: What Your CEO Is Reading: Office Science; Fonts Save the World; Luxury of Work

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